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Why donate to the MIRA Foundation?

By donating to the MIRA Foundation, you are helping the foundation fulfil its mission: to provide individuals suffering from handicaps with a service dog or guide dog for free. Through your donations, you also make a large contribution to research and development towards helping as many handicapped individuals as possible.

The benefits of donating

Did you know that by donating to the MIRA Foundation, you are not only changing the lives of the visually impaired and of children and adults suffering from motor difficulties, but you are also changing the lives of youth with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or a pervasive developmental disorder (PDD)?

A significant philanthopic act, offering financial support to the MIRA Foundation is also a wise choice on the part of the donor.

The benefits of donating to the MIRA Foundation:

How your contribution helps change lives

Learn how your support can help the MIRA Foundation transform the present reality and future prospects of beneficiaries and their loved ones.

Émail has a very special place in my life. She is my service dog for children with an ASD/PDD. She accompagnies me everywhere: at school, at judo, in my bed. She understands me, reassures me, calms me, consoles me. The anxiety crises are over now that she shares my life. I can't imagine my life without her. She is my friend, my confidant, my connection with the real world.

Samuel Daigle

In 2007, I found myself in a wheelchair after a fall while horseback riding. Having always loved animals, I didn't hesitate to request a MIRA dog: I knew that having a dog with me at all times would give me more freedom and autonomy.

However, what I didn't know, was to what an extent China, my service dog, would become my best friend. I understand her and she understands me without having to speak. She helps me, accompagnies me, listens to me, and enables me to do everything on my own. I can only say Thank you, your gift has made all the difference.

Maude Rouillard

I always got around on a wheelchair.... I was born with spina bifida, a congenital malformation. Since becoming visually impaired in 2007, I have never been without my loyal MIRA dog, who is my guide, my friend, and my protector. My guide dog Pinceau is also my freedom. He is at my side thanks to you.

Martin Veilleux


A legacy gift is a way to bequeath a part of your estate to a charitable organization through your will. It is important to indicate in defined terms the form of the gift chosen and to specify how you would like to have your assets distributed to fulfil your final wishes.

A text similar to the following can be used when you write your will: "I, the undersigned, residing at (street address, city, postal code), bequeath to the MIRA Foundation located at 1820 rang Nord-Ouest, Ste-Madeleine, Québec, J0H 1S0 (written sum, active, or fixed percentage of the estate, without restriction of use."

Consulting an appropriate professional advisor will help you obtain the advice you require. The advisor can help you make sure that the type of gift and the timing of the gift maximize the benefits for you. Only a professional (lawyer, solicitor, accountant, or financial planner) can perform the necessary legal action for planning your gift.

The bequest is made in accordance with the size of your estate, which includes your personal residence, your savings, your insurance, and other possessions. Most people leave a legacy upon their death even if they have very modest assets. It is important to us to clarify that any donation is helpful and appreciated.

There are a variety of types of gifts, each with different tax advantages. The gift could be a general donation made to a charity from the overall value of the estate corresponding to a specific amount, an asset, or a fixed percentage of the estate or a residual bequest representing all or part of the remaining estate once other bequests and expenses have been taken care of.

In accordance with the Income Tax Act, charitable organizations authorized to issue official donation receipts have a registration number. The MIRA Foundation is incorporated under the Corporate Not-For-Profit Law in volume C-1091, folio 117 and its registration number for tax purposes is 11892 4232 RR0001.

After having assured the protection of your family and the well-being of your loved ones, you can choose to bequeath a part of your assets to a charitable organization. Some bequests can significantly reduce the tax burden, to the benefit of your estate. Often, the surviving partner benefits from the assets and it is not until the latter's death that the assets are distributed to remaining family and to organizations.

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