Why donate to MIRA

Why donate to the MIRA Foundation?

By donating to the MIRA Foundation, you are helping the foundation fulfil its mission: to provide individuals suffering from handicaps with a service dog or guide dog for free. Through your donations, you also make a large contribution to research and development towards helping as many handicapped individuals as possible.

The benefits of donating

Did you know that by donating to the MIRA Foundation, you are not only changing the lives of the visually impaired and of children and adults suffering from motor difficulties, but you are also changing the lives of youth with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or a pervasive developmental disorder (PDD)?

A significant philanthopic act, offering financial support to the MIRA Foundation is also a wise choice on the part of the donor.

The benefits of donating to the MIRA Foundation:

  • Do your part for a cause that you believe in;
  • Enjoy substantial tax benefits;
  • Perpetuate your memory by supporting a worthy cause;
  • Improve the quality of life of handicapped individuals;
  • Contribute to the maintenance and continuity of the MIRA Foundation’s services;
  • Have a tree planted in your memory in the Gaétan Girouard Garden or at the MIRA Foundation site.

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